State of the Stash– Spring 2014

I live in an apartment with roommates.  It’s a pretty decent-sized apartment, by young twenty-somethings standards, but the fact remains that it’s an apartment and space is limited.  I don’t have my own sewing room.  My machine lives under my bed and I do all my work on a collapsible table that my boyfriend got me for Christmas two years ago.  I’m not complaining, but at the same time, my situation means that it’s sort of impossible for me to build up a significant fabric stash of any description.  I just don’t have the space for one!  I have one portable chest of drawers for my fabric, and three of the four drawers of filled with scraps of various sizes (srsly tho, anyone have good projects that aren’t quilting and use TINY amount of fabric?).  I almost always buy fabric with a garment in mind, but sometimes I get carried away and buy without thinking.  That happened to me recently, with a healthy-sized order from Gorgeous Fabrics.  I’ve been doing Colette’s Wardrobe Architect series, though, and I feel confident that all the fabrics I currently have stashed will be good additions to my handmade wardrobe, in colors and shapes that I like and will actually wear.  In fact, some of the yardage I purchased most recently isn’t being featured in this post because it’s already been cut into to make a skirt. This ought to keep me busy for a while.  Care to take a peek?

100_1111 100_1113

First up is this really gorgeous cotton/silk blend gauze.  The Gorgeous Fabrics website described it as “Kelly green,” which is not a good color for me, but in the photos it looked more teal/emerald, so I crossed my fingers, ordered two yards anyway, and I ended up happy.  It’s more of a jewel tone than a Luck-O’-The-Irish sort of color.  It’s beautiful, slightly sheer and slightly crisp.  I’m thinking of using it to make this vintage McCall’s 6367 that I stole from my mom when I went home on Christmas.  I think that for an 80’s pattern it’s really pretty! The 80’s get a bad rap, but look at view D! That shawl collar, those neat sleeves…I think this could look current and cute with the right fabric choice.

100_1115 100_1117

This silk georgette is also from Gorgeous Fabrics, and was sort of my whole reason for making a purchase. I’ve had my eye on this yardage forever, seriously, for over a year, but I was too afraid of it to ever make the plunge.  The second it went on sale I knew I had to have some.  The print was described as “Monet’s Garden,” and it does look like a gorgeous Impressionist painting.  I really like abstract prints and jewel tones, and I’m trying to incorporate more of both into my wardrobe.  

This project might have to wait until I’m less terrified of button-down shirts AND working with silk. In fact, when I called my mom to tell her I’d bought some totally intimidating georgette and ask her for tips for working with it, she said, “I suppose you could always just send the fabric and pattern to me, and I could make it up for you.” Nice try, Mom!  Once I’ve practiced shirtmaking, I’m going to use it to make a button-down from this vintage Vogue 9902. I think this one is actually from the 90’s, but it’s another Christmastime steal from my mom.  I only have two yards of the georgette, so I might have to settle for short sleeves, but something with really simple lines would be nice and help bring focus to the beautiful print, maybe a mashup of views A and C?


This is boring; just some black cotton/lycra knit from Girl Charlee.  (Seriously you guys, does it GET better than Girl Charlee?!) I bought it forever ago to make a V-neck Renfrew and some Espresso leggings.  I actually already used one yard of this to make the Espressos…they’re coming in a future post!  This knit is a really good quality.  Girl Charlee is my favorite knit supplier, but I always have to be strict with myself to stay away from the cute jersey prints.  Their jersey is just as nice as anyone’s, don’t get me wrong, but I have to remind myself that I really dislike working with it and prefer something more stable.


Navy ponte knit, also from Girl Charlee.  This is the same ponte I used for my red drop-waist dress, so I already know that it will handle gorgeously and wear really well.  Originally I had intended to use this to make another Palmer/Pletsch shift dress, but I’m thinking of branching out a little.  Maybe I’ll use it to make this Vogue Paris Original that I’ve always been too afraid to touch (Guy Laroche!), or this princess-seamed Simplicity 8491? What do you think?


Okay, here’s where things stop making sense.  Acid green batik, anyone? I picked this out at JoAnn Fabrics when I was in middle-school, believe it or not; my mom made me some shorts.  I can’t remember if this was one of her attempts to get me interested in sewing, but the last time I went home she shoved this at me and said, “I will never use this horrible green, but it used to be your favorite color. Maybe you can use it for something?”  She was right; I used to love this shade of green, which now I can’t believe.

There’s a decent amount, and the fabric’s a little stiff so I think it needs something with structure.  Maybe I’ll make a scandalous little sleeveless shift? This color of yellowy-green isn’t the most flattering on me, but it’s loud and I still kind of love it. It reminds me of being a difficult pre-teen 🙂


This piece of eye-candy is some gorgeous cotton yardage my mother picked up for me this January when she and my dad were on vacation in Hawaii.  I am obsessed with it.  The cotton is a good medium weight, and a bit stiff.  I’m a bit nervous about such a large print, but then I remember that I generally do whatever I want, so if anyone is going to rock an enormous hibiscus print, it would be me (or maybe Dolly Clackett). I just have to find the perfect pattern for it.  For some reason, I can’t get the idea of making a pair of sassy little pants out of my head! I’ve been eyeballing these trousers by Named Clothing.  Too bad I haven’t ventured into the vast world of Pants Fitting Disasters yet.  This is some yardage that might have to wait for a while until I’m ready for it, but the good thing about fabric is that it has no expiration date. What do you think? SASSYPANTS, yes or no?


Lastly, here’s some weird ombre chiffon that I bought at Vogue Fabrics when I first moved to Chicago.  It was $3.50/yard, or something equally crazy, so I grabbed three yards with the intention of making a sheer Anna dress.  However, my Anna muslin hates me and I never actually got through it, and the more I look at this yardage I think the direction of the ombre is bad for making…well, anything.  It actually looks more like tie-dye than ombre, and the fabric frays like crazy and I’m not sure what I would want to wear that was pink on one side and gray on the other?  This is the only one that I am truly 100% stumped about.  Any ideas? Please tell me my $10 silk was not bought in vain!

So there you have it! My stash in all its infamy.  Anyone else using their stash to build their SS14 wardrobes? And does anyone have an opinion about that godawful chiffon? I’m all ears.


3 thoughts on “State of the Stash– Spring 2014

  1. You have some beautiful fabric! That 2nd one down in particular… amazing. As for the chiffon, maybe you could use it to make a tunic/shift dress? Or a caftan if you’re into that sort of thing? And if you don’t the like it running lengthwise, perhaps it might suit better cut on the crossgrain? I think it could give a cool colour block effect to a very simple garment.

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