A Little Light Housekeeping

I feel like no matter how many blogs I start I inevitably end up starting every other post with, “Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long…” But! Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long! January always leaves me inspired to start big projects but in this particular case the biting arctic chill we experienced in Chicago this winter meant I spent a lot of time sewing but almost zero time outdoors taking outfit photos.  Now that it’s a wee bit warmer out I have a giant backlog of projects to share. Warning, they’re almost all knits…



So I guess May 1 is a good time to announce that I, like so many of you, am participating in MeMadeMay this year!  I’mvery excited to see how my me-mades incorporate into my daily life.  I’m also more than a little nervous, as my fear of zippers and love of knits means that I have approximately a thousand teeshirts and nothing to wear on my bottom half that is work appropriate.  Unless leggings count as business casual?



Sewing Plans

I’ve created a firm and structured plan for my Summer 2014 Wardrobe, using the Colletterie’s Wardrobe Architect Series as a guideline.  (Let’s face it; if you live in the Midwest there’s no point in designing a Spring/Summer anything since Spring basically does not exist.)  It consists of a mess of teeshirts, skirts, blouses, two slip dresses, and a pair of slouchy linen pants if I get around to it.  Nothing like adding zipper insertion, shirtmaking, sewing with silk and fitting pants to your repertoire in a few short months!  I’m excited because the things I have planned are all things I’d love to wear, but I am a bit nervous I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I’m hoping the blog will keep me accountable.


I succumbed to dat smartphone lyfestylez and now instagram is my favorite thing. I’m shameful.  But anyway I’m elle_bryan on Instagram if anyone wants to look at pictures of my hot boyfriend and my roommate’s cat and all the fabric I buy. Let’s be frandz.


2 thoughts on “A Little Light Housekeeping

  1. I didn’t know you lived in Chicago! A group of us local sewing bloggers occasionally get together, usually when there’s a groupon for fabric shopping. If you’re interested in joining us next time email me. We’ll probably get together again soon.

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