Sewing A Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I used to have a fashion blog.  That feels like a dirty little secret I had to get off my chest but, before we go any further, you should know that I used to have a fashion blog.  It wasn’t big and I never got free things out of it, but for a good seven months after college I had a fashion blog that I updated almost every day.  It was in the heyday of fashion blogging, before all the good blogs turned into a giant commercial, and I became super obsessed with clothes.  I got really into thrifting.  I also got really into going to the mall.

I outgrew the fashion blog pretty quickly– I started working in an office and stopped caring about looking cute because who was going to see me?  I also got sort of skeptical about the whole process– how is it impressive to be really good at buying things? What does that contribute to the world?  Fashion started to seem downright silly and was something I felt guilty about.  For the past two summers I genuinely struggle to recall wearing anything other than a white teeshirt and cutoffs on the weekends, which is when I should have been wearing exactly what I wanted. Apparently exactly what I wanted was cutoffs?

And then along came sewing blogs, which filled the fashion-loving hole in my heart. I could make things!  It would involve skill, and practice, and I could control the whole process (which was very appealing to me because I, like many of you, I’m sure, really struggle with the need to control every little detail of every little thing).  I could finally make all the things I’d been looking for in malls and in thrift stores with no success.  That’s one of the reasons why I’m so obsessed with sewing basics…I spent years hunting for the perfectly cut teeshirt and now I can just whip up my own in the course of an afternoon!

The Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect series took this obsession one step further.  I loved analyzing my favorite silhouettes and shapes and planning out a capsule wardrobe.  I could have a summer wardrobe of things I’d love to wear, would go together seamlessly, would fit my aesthetic, lifestyle, and body perfectly. What’s not to love?

So I came up with a plan. Below is my capsule wardrobe for the summer: fifteen garments to be made up in cotton, linen and silk, in quiet neutrals and jewel tones, perfect for mix-and-matching.  Some people might find the concept of wearing the same fifteen pieces all summer to be boring, but it’s my favorite thing right now.  I’ve pledged to try to make all fifteen by September 1 (with the exception of the pants, which are a bonus).  That’s a little less than a garment a week, but I’ve got a head start and most of the planning out of the way, so I think I can handle it.


-blackberry silk slip dress

-blush pink slip dress


-white linen

-jade green cotton/silk blend

-rose pink cotton gauze


-full print skirt

-blue striped pencil skirt

-black linen circle skirt


-white cotton Renfrew

-white cotton RenfrewRenfrew OR Nettie

-gray modal/cotton/rayon blend Renfrew

-print Plantains (x3)


-slouchy gray linen Lolas


I’m a little scared writing it out like this, because that makes it real! Stay tuned for updates on my hilarious struggle to create a sustainable wardrobe for myself in Chicago’s ever-fickle summer weather!


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