Me Made May- the second chunk

Let’s not even try to pretend I’m going to round these up in even weeks. Let’s just call this “the second chunk.”Image

Day Thirteen:  This outfit got a LOT of love on Instagram, which is both pleasing and confusing, because I didn’t initially think it was anything special.  I got one of my coworkers to take this for me, and he kept telling me to look, “more like a dead girl,” which is not something my boyfriend ever says to me when he’s taking my oufit photos, so that’s totally why my face looks like that.

Some of you who are astute may recognize this dress from the first post I ever wrote.  I did not feel great about it then, but I feel awesome about it now!  I think the slightly longer length of this version of this dress (I have three by now) lends itself well to the summer and bare legs, as does the fact that it’s part linen.  You guys, LINEN IS THE TITS.  I think I am going to have to sew everything this summer out of linen.  It breathes, it stays in place while you sew it, you don’t have to even pretend like you’re going to iron it…that’s a win-win for me.  This dress also fits ten times better than its cotton and rayon sisters, even though I used the exact same pattern and made no fitting changes from version to version.  I have no idea why…would fiber content change fit that much?  There was no uncomfortable pulling or tight arms in this version.  Maybe it’s just magic.

How I Felt In This:  Great!  If a little chilly.  I like simple shapes, I like the fit on this and the fact that it’s linen.  Summer staple, for sure.


Day Fourteen:  Another day, another occasion to wear this Plantain.  I think I need to give this one a rest at this point.  The neckline is a little low for work.

How I Felt In This:  A little blah, actually. Usually jeans, moccs and a tee make me happy but this outfit was lacking a little something.  Not sure what.  It was comfortable, though, for sure.  Image

Day Fifteen: I had just finished this gray modal-blend Renfrew the night before, so I wore it the very next day to work. I’ve already worn it three times since then. I made the same fitting adjustments and construction adjustments I always make to the Renfrew, and I will be writing this all up in a future post. What is a closet without a million Renfrews? Barely a closet at all.

How I Felt In This: Great! One of my favorite outfits of the month so far. Very “me.”


Day Sixteen: Ohhh, the Pendrell.  What to say about the Pendrell.  This is another one that needs its own post.  As much as I adore the Renfrew, I had a hell of a time with this Pendrell.  I have a whole post devoted to it in the works.  I love princess seams and I was confident in my ability to modify this pattern meant for a pear shape to fit my decided non-pear-shaped frame.  Sometimes, like if you’re grading between sizes on a simple tee, this works great! Other times, when you’re making a HUGE FBA to something made out of slippery woven challis, it does not!  Additionally, I went against my better juldgement and included frily sleeves on this blouse that are totally not my style, and I also fell out of love with the print.  Womp womp.

All that said, I found that I really came around to this garment when I wore it layered under a cardigan.  I think this pattern could be salvaged with a better knowledge of fitting, better fabric choice on my end, and choosing a View C, a simple shell which is much more my style.  I’m really glad Me Made May pushed me to wear all the me-made garments in my wardrobe or this one totally would have gotten skipped over and I may have given up on the Pendrell for good!

How I Felt In This:  Weirdly good, actually.  Much better than I had expected.  Not my favorite, but looking at the photo doesn’t fill me with cringe, which is always a plus.

Day Seventeen:  I wore my new gray Renfrew to run errands and go consignment shopping with my roommates.

Day Eighteen:  I wore… my new gray Renfrew.  I told you I really loved it!


Day Nineteen: This skirt is a hot mess, y’all.  It’s been in the works for over a year, just wairing for me to insert a zipper.  I hate setting in zippers.  I spent my entire Friday night in front of a free Craftsy class, swearing at my sewing machine and inserting one of the jankiest zippers you ever did see.  BUT, at least it zips now and I got one more UFO out of my UFO graveyard.  It photographs better than it looks; this pattern is not very well drafted and I think in the future I need a curved waistband on my skirts.  Full post on this to come.

How I Felt in This:  Cute, but like my waistband was always gapping.  Which it was. Also, I don’t really like to look “cute” so I don’t know why I’m settling for that in my outfits! Cute is for kids.  I want to look cool, like a grownup or a rowdy teen.


Day Twenty: I LOVE THIS SKIRT.  I love it.  This is one of my earliest makes ever, made from the same pattern as the blue print skirt above.  Somehow and for some reason all my issues with the blue skirt aren’t present here.  The waistband doesn’t gape, the zipper is somehow inserted really well (it was my first one EVER; I did not know enough to be afraid), the gathers are suspiciously even.  How?! Was it beginner’s luck?

This skirt always makes me feel pretty, and the linen is gorgeous and excellent quality.  I didn’t finish the seams on this or use a proper stitch length, so its longevity is probably pretty poor, but in the meantime I will enjoy it as much as I can. (True story, Tom and Lorenzo from loved this skirt so much that when I met them at their book signing, THEY took a picture of ME, not the other way around!)

How I Felt In This:  Very cute! This is one of the only full skirts that doesn’t make me feel twee.  But a little too dressy. In an ideal world I would wear this with a little cami or a more casual tee. I don’t really like that black RTW top much anyway; I think I’m going to give it away.


Day Twenty-One:  That’s today! Today I wore my black Renfrew again so that I would have a clean blank canvas against which to showcase these amazing SASSYPANTS.  I found them at the consignment store this weekend for $13!  I love that I look like I’m wearing an Impressionist painting on my legs.  The fit on these is supreme; so good that I think I might try to make a rub-off pattern from them so I can try to approximate the fit.  The only problem with them is that they’re polyester, boo.  I’m a real sweaty person, let’s get personal, and I cannot wear polyester like this on a regular basis.  If I can recreate these in a viscose or a LINEN (I’m a linen fangurl now let’s keep it real) or a cotton twill with some stretch I would be the happiest.

How I Felt In This:  Awesome. And sweaty.


So! That’s me all caught up.  Some of you may have noticed that I knocked two FO’s off my staggeringly huge list of makes for my Wardrobe Architect Challenge.  Also I’m obsessed with linen now.  I think that’s the lesson of the week: make everything in linen, because Chicago is muggy and hot. And stay away from polyester pants.


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