State of the Stash 2- Eclectic Boogaloo

Hi!  It’s time for another State of the Stash, in which your alternately frugal and spendy heroine takes stock of all the shit in her fabric shelves and makes a plan for it!

My goal last year was to sew all my patterns but three and while I failed at that (I wanted to both sew a lot and take my time making quality garments so I’m not sure how I planned to do this and still a) go to work b) have other hobbies c) have a social life?), but it did make me super aware of how much crap I was buying without using the stuff I already had.  This year, I decided to apply the same ethos to fabric. I don’t have a ton, but it bugs me that I have stuff and don’t use it. Let’s make some plans!

Scraps– a bunch, and the fall in different categories.

  • I have lightweight fabric scraps I’ve been saving to make a scrap quilt for like for-ever.  I want to make a basic HST quilt, with a cream or maybe a gray to balance it all out. I don’t know jack about quilting though, so this might be longer-term project requiring more knowledge
  • I have some heavier weight canvas leftover from when I made my Portside duffle. I have enough fabric to make a dopp kit and a zip pouch, maybe for my boyfriend?  I should get on that.
  • I have a bunch of jersey scraps that are sewn up into Rosy Ladyshorts but are missing their elastic– because I haven’t gotten around to buying any yet! That’s just me being lazy

rosy ladyshorts

Ombre Chiffon– Man, I’ve had this lying around since the last time I did one of these. Still don’t know what to do with this. Still thinking a kimono. Are those still trendy?

kimono outfit inspirationIMG_4351

Hawaiian Cotton– Another one I’ve had laying around! I still want to make cool bottoms with these, but it’s sort of a special fabric so it makes me nervous. I’ve been toying with the idea of a swishy little skirt and maybe some sexy vintagey shorts? There’s three yards so I could do a lot.


Green Batik– I want to make Mojis! I haven’t made any Seamwork patterns yet, and these seem like a good place to start. Obnoxious comfy pants won’t be in style for too much longer and I intend to capitalize on it while I can. This is a project for the summer.


Gold Brocade– This is a 2-in-1! Sean is in a wedding in September and I think I will use this brocade to make this sassy vintage number which has also been languishing in my stash and which I did not get a chance to make last year. Perfect party dress material!


Gray Linen Twill– If the green Mojis work out, I might use this to make another pair. However I just discovered and LOVE these from Cali Faye Collection. Don’t they look like they were INVENTED for this linen? (I know gray linen takes a boring photo but trust when I say it is nice as hell.) Both are a good possibility.

hampshire trouserIMG_4349

Botanical Silk-Cotton Voile– FABRIC OF DREAMS. This is Liberty and I bought it on vacation in Portland with my boyfriend. It’s from Josephine’s Dry Goods and just looking at it makes me so happy. I want to either draft my own version of this Eileen Fisher dress, or to modify McCall’s 6436 enough to make this. I don’t think it’ll be terribly hard. I just want something simple and easy so the print shines, and something I can wear multi-seasonally. This one is going to be a special one… I’ll have to be very careful and muslin the shit out of it since I don’t want to ruin my Fabric of Dreams.

eileen fisher dressIMG_4350

Heathery Blue Merino– I want to make a Nettie with a Dixie DIY skirt. The Dixie DIY’s bodice never worked on me, but the Nettie does so I thought a mashup would be nice. I was playing around with silhouettes in my Fashionary and think I’m gonna go with version 3. Have to get around to this soon or it won’t be cold enough out for this anymore.


Yellow Jersey– Either a short-sleeved Linden for bedtime or a muslin for a self-drafted/pattern mashup turtleneck. Yellow isn’t a great color for me so I don’t think I’ll make a keeper project from this.

short lindenIMG_4343

Black Cotton– I need a new black pencil skirt and there’s a yard here and I have interviews this week. So. McCall’s 3830 number four…okay.


Latte China Silk- I bought this to make Vogue 9015 and still haven’t. I need a new slip so bad! I need to get on that. Also I did not take a photo because it’s still in the laundry for a prewash ha.


Unfinished Projects

Brown Boucle– I’ve had this cut out for so long I bet the weave of the wool has warped. What’s wrong with me! I need to just finish it!


Teal Gauze– This might not work out. The silk-cotton gauze is beautiful but not right for this project. I hate to do this because the fabric wasn’t cheap, bit I think it might be time to scrap it. What do you think?


So there we go! I’ve promised myself no more new fabric purchases until I make a serious dent in this. Some of it is summer sewing, which makes me happy because sometimes you need to be able to think of summer sewing in February just to get you through, you know?


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