Rosy Ladyshorts


Like most of you, I have a drawer that is perpetually stuffed with fabric scraps. Just when I think I have knocked some of them out or culled them, I turn around and there’s more. Almost a year ago, I sorted through all the jersey scraps and cut out all the pieces necessary to make some Rosy Ladyshorts. I remember reading a lot about this pattern when it was newer, and it had solid reviews and was in a style that I already like and wear frequently. I cut out some size 4’s, according to my measurements on the chart.  When I promptly forgot about them for almost a year until I had decided to really get serious about diminishing my stash– scraps included!

I have some thinner jerseys I looked at for this pattern, but I ultimately decided they were too  thin and not stretchy enough. I prefer to sew with thicker knits, like these cotton/lycra blends from Girl Charlee that are my preferred everyday knits (like this).

I picked up the elastic from an Etsy shop I found called MarySupplies. She has a lot of elastic trims in a variety of lengths I picked four three yard pieces of stuff around 1″ wide. I didn’t have quite enough to make every piece pretty and matching, but I’m not fussy about underwear In fact I think the purple pair with the gray and pink lace looks kind of cute!

The construction on these is as simple as it gets, and the sewalong is very comprehensive. Even the lace trim is wide enough to not be too finicky… the perfect intro to lingerie sewing!

Did I enjoy making these? Not exactly– but that’s okay! I got a little bored putting together six identical things, but I think the fact that these were thrifty, used up scraps I already had, fit well, came from a free pattern that ft amazingly well, and filled a need (who doesn’t always need more underwear) while keeping me away from a fast-fashion choice at The Gap or Victoria’s Secret makes up for it in my eyes! The end result is totally worth it– I can see myself many more of these in the future. #ethicalpantiesftw


3 thoughts on “Rosy Ladyshorts

    • Same! I find it hard to get excited about something that’s not pretty that I can wear immediately, but I tend to be really goal-centric so my motivation to use up all my scraps just BARELY saw me through this project. It helps that it was both free and very well-drafted though. If you like a boyshort style then I don’t see the need to look anywhere else for an underwear pattern 🙂

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