Spring Wardrobe Plans and Inspiration

to make by june


Ahhhh it’s that time of year again! Spring always puts an extra pep in my step and makes me want all new everything– new clothes, new haircut, new outlook, new plans. Along with the change in seasons comes an opportunity to sew all new stuff!
I love planning my makes for the next year and I always get almost fiendishly strict with myself about it. I’m trying to a) use patterns I haven’t used before b) use up my fabric stash and c) fit in some staples and items I’m just excited to make and wear.
So here’s my plan (along with my inspiration, which just goes to show just how weird and varied my taste is).
a76f844fed1f402648cee0bd7f7b5c441) Edith Head Vintage Wedding Maxi
We have a wedding in North Carolina in June and I’ve been looking for an excuse to make up this floaty and glam Edith Head Vogue American Designer (V1560) foreverrrr. I think with the right fabric choice it will be less gown-y and formal and more boho – chic.
Edith Head is a long-term designer crush of mine but I am going to have to do a large amount of redrafting, alteration, and intense-backless-strapless-bra-corset-travesty buying to make this a reality. I’m setting aside all of May for this. Really.
2) Stripey tee
Probably another Renfrew (I have a million). If it ain’t broke, amirite?
I have a classic three-quarter boatneck style Breton shirt, but I’ve been wanting/needing a plain short sleeved stripey tee forever. Inspiration.
3) Black turtleneck
Good thing it’s randomly gotten freezing cold in Chicago this week so I have time to make this before it becomes swelteringly hot and muggy! I asked my pal Jen if a turtleneck was something I could draft myself and tack to one of my trusty teeshirt blocks and she walked me through it. I’m planning on knocking this one out this week.
4) Red gathered shoulder blouse
I’ve been wanting to rip off this blouse (pictured right) from Three Coins In A Fountain (an absolutely horrible movie, btw, good for costume gawping only and not for real entertainment) ever since I saw it. I want tomato red and I thought I wanted silk but now I’m thinking cotton- lawn, voile, batiste. I hunted around on etsy for forever to find the exact pattern for it until I figured out that what I wanted was already in my stash. View B of this vintage McCall’s 6367.
5) Black Nettie
Short sleeved and mid-back/high-neck for everyday wear. I’ve been meaning to make one of these for years and never did. It’ll go well under full skirts and trousers with scarves and also I have a sneaking suspicion it might solve my dilemma about what-to-wear-with-vintage-Levis.
6) Batik Mojis
I’ve had some acid green batik in my stash forever– my mom got it for me when I was 11 to make me shorts and then when I started sewing sent it to me immediately. “It’s yours, I bought it for you.” Well okay, Mom. Eleven year old me is very happy that pajama pants are now for some reason socially acceptable outerwear. Also I have been wanting to try a Seamwork pattern for a while. I’ve heard lots of different things.
7) Emerald Maxi
I have been wanting one of these since I saw this photo of Carey Mulligan. IT ME. We have the same awkward, half-grown-out pixie cut, the same awkward walk, the same sunglasses! It’s meant to be! I want it to be emerald and I can’t decide if I want to try this McCall’s jaun or if I want to go with the Gabriola.
8) Button-down mini
This shape is all over the place right now. Good thing Pauline Alice put out the Rosari. I want olive green twill because I am still scarred from the early 2000’s and will not be wearing an actual denim skirt anytime soon. Inspiration.
10) Breton tunic-
Again, a classic. I see myself wearing this on weekends and at the office on days with no meetings. It would work in the winter, too, with tights and layers. I’m planning on just buying one big piece of fabric and using it for the tee, too. Inspiration.

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