Closet Case Files Nettie Bodysuit


I realized recently that at this point, I’ve posted more Nettie hacks than I have actual Nettie bodysuits– that is to say, zero. When this pattern came out I snapped it up immediately because I thought it would be the perfect layering piece, and I was right. I made my muslin like two summers ago in a really thin but colorful jersey that you can see here. Sean apparently loved this bodysuit, which I only found out recently after I gave it to the thrift store. Poor kid! I figured I had to replace it, if not for my wardrobe than for his sake. (Direct quote: “Woah babe your boobs look HUGE!”) Jersey is just not my favorite material to work with, and it really wasn’t appropriate for this make- too thin, not enough recovery or stretch, etc. So I decided to make it up in my beloved black cotton-lycra blend from Girl Charlee because a girl can never have too much black, amirite?


I generally blend from a size 10 in the bust to a 6 everywhere else in this pattern. The 10 is very tight through the bust and shoulders, but I decided not to size up because I’m pretty sure that the medium back that I made here is reliant on the very close fit in order to keep everything on and not slipping down. This medium back is the perfect height to not show my bra but still to remain visually cool, so I’m glad I kept the size 10 through the chest.

imageI made this once for a friend and decided not to put the snap crotch in the bottom- it takes so much time for such an otherwise quick make and would she ever use it? Well, her verdict came back a resounding YES, she would have used it and where was her snap crotch?!-  so keeping that in mind, I made sure to take the time over the snap crotch this time, and I’m pretty glad I did! I wore this to work on Friday with my Levi’s 501’s, (different that the jeans pictured here which are vintage Gap and which leads me to believe I have a vintage mom jeans problem on my hands) which have a button fly, and if I’d had to take off my entire top on top of all those buttons, I think going to the bathroom would have been out for the day in general!


Gratuitous boob shot but I included it so you can see how the high neck/mid back plays out on a chesty human. As you can see, it turns into a nice kinda boatneck sitch due to the stretch of the fabric. I don’t hate it.


I anticipate this being in heavy rotation for me this Spring and even into the Fall and Winter. There’s a reason why I’d been meaning to make one for a long time! Especially with the new (?) high-waisted silhouette making a return, I see more room than even in my life for bodysuits!




One thought on “Closet Case Files Nettie Bodysuit

  1. Great bodysuit. Just as I was wondering whether you’d put in a snap crotch or not, you answered. Yes, a snap crotch is a must if you’re going to be wearing anything with the bodysuit. Just the bodysuit? Well, that’s another thing…

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