#memademay2016 week one

Roundup time! I always like to spend some time during Me Made May evaluating my handmade wardrobe- how things wear, what I like, what I don’t like, construction and fit issues, etc. I’m also excited to see how my handmade wardrobe compares to the last time I did this– I feel like my skills, body confidence, and sense of personal style have all improved since then. Let’s jump in!

PS- I’m doing daily outfit shots for Me Made May over on my instagram.

Day 1


This was Sunday, a rainy cold day. I wore a Grainline Linden sweatshirt. I love this pattern! I have a fancier Liberty fleece Linden but I wear this gray one way more cause it’s a little more versatile. My one complaint about this is that I couldn’t find/didn’t try to track down match ribbing so the sleeve cuffs aren’t as stretchy as I’d like. On the whole, though, this is a keeper. Sometimes I wear it to work with a pencil skirt and it holds up well. Who could ask for more?

Grade: A- This is nothing special and the cuffs are a little tight but it’s wearable, very me, and I like it a lot.

Day 2


I wore my black McCall’s 3830 to work with an old denim button-down from H&M, back when I still bought clothes from there. This skirt is a baller and a champ and goes with anything and makes me look profesh to death. This outfit gets an A+, as does the skirt (even though it’s a teeny bit tight in the hips).

Grade: A+ I felt like myself, comfortable, and professional.

Day 3


I wore my wearable muslin By Hand London Anna dress with a secondhand wool cardi. This is in a sky blue rayon, which is comfy as hell but a bitch to work with.  Overall, I feel medium about this pattern. When I made my second version of the Anna for a wedding guest outfit, I ended up taking just over THREE INCHES out of the back because it gapes so badly. THREE INCHES! Hence the cardigan you see pictures here (I mean also it’s cold as hell in my office but that’s another story).

Also the inside of this dress is a fraying mess because I made it before I cared about seam finishes as much as I do now. However, it’s still a heavy hitter in my spring wardrobe because its ladylike, fairly comfortable,breathes on hot days and makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn on days where I want to feel like her (to be fair I want to feel like Fiona Apple on some days too but her general look isn’t as work-appropriate).

Grade: B+ Points off for fraying insides and gapey back, but these are minor considerations that didn’t really bother me while I was wearing this outfit.

Day 4


This green tablecloth-looking garment is a Cake Patterns Pavlova circle skirt. If I recall correctly, this was INSANELY big in the waist even though I followed the instructions and traced the right size, so I had to take so much out of the waist that I don’t know that it’s a true geometric circle anymore. As I remarked on instagram, I kept the length on this much longer than I normally would because I wanted to experiment with a different silhouette– long and full is not something I gravitate towards. I don’t wear this skirt a lot for exactly that reason- I just find it really hard to wear something so incredibly long, heavy, billowy, and GREEN. I think that when I get a second I am going to hem this to exactly the middle of my kneecap, and then I will wear it way more.

I’m also wearing a gray modal Renfrew that I wear so often that it is starting to pill. I will never get rid of that top. It is true blue.

Grade: B-, based on lack of skirt wearability. Once it’s hemmed, it would probably upgrade to an A.

Day 5


I made this vintage Butterick wrap dress forever ago- I think it was the first vintage pattern I ever made. It’s one size too small for me in the bust, and there’s no neckband, so it gapes pretty bad and I have to hold it closed with a safety pin. I also don’t love the color- it reminds me of emergency room scrubs. However, I wear it all the damn time when I need to be dressed up for a meeting or work event. I used to feel the wrap dress silhouette was a little overtly feminine for me, but I have to admit it’s a classic for a reason. Sometimes it’s good to have one thing that you know will make you look polished and together, even if it’s not the most ~you~ you’ve ever felt, you know? This is on my long list of things to recreate in a better fabric with a better fit. I’ve got my eye out for old Vogue DVF patterns and Liberty jersey.

Grade: B, based on fit, color and how badly it needs to be replaced. A future version that doesn’t gape and that’s in a good print would probably merit an A-.

Day 6


This McCall’s buttondown is something I covered pretty extensively here. It’s a very relaxed fit- so relaxed that one of the lawyers at my new job referred to it as “boyfriend fit” which isn’t wrong, exactly. I just wore it with jeans because I can do that on Fridays. I don’t know, this was fine but didn’t really sing to me. I’ve yet to find the perfect outfit for this top. (When I came home I changed into cutoffs and Sabahs and wandering around the beach by my house because it was so nice out, and this top felt much more at home in that venue. Something to think about.)

Grade: B+ Aggressively fine, nothing wrong with it, yet didn’t love it.

Day 7


I changed into these Mojis to take some blog photos and then never took them off. You already know how I feel about these pants. They’re good on the weekend because they’re bright and so casual, and this day was a Saturday. I give them a good grade for general loungeyness, and a bad grade for fit.

Grade: B I like the silhouette, color, and vibe. I don’t like feeling like my buttcrack is always ALMOST out.


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