#memademay week two

Another roundup! Please enjoy the progression of my increasingly bushy hair and my first item repeat, as well as a slightly different view of my living room! Vive le self-timer!

Day 8


I don’t love this outfit at all. I like the individual pieces, but it came together kind of oddly. The top is a basic Plantain tee I made two summers ago and the jeans are vintage 90’s mom jeans that I love but have kind of a hard time styling.

I wore this to go out to brunch with Sean (my boyfriend) but I totally misjudged how warm it was outside, so as soon as we got home I ended up changing into shorts and a grubby teeshirt because we then went to go dig around in the community garden and go for a run and other nice, warm weather things. So I’d say I wore this for about half of the day. Good in theory, bad for the weather/daily activities. Also full disclosure this outfit just kind of made me feel fat, so no thanks.

Grade: B. Proportions are funny- I need to learn how to style these jeans! And it was too hot for the temperature outside.

Day 9


This I loved. This skirt is one of my faves- the McCalls 3830 is a total workhorse for me, and this is in a stretch woven which makes it even more comfortable. The top is from Banana Republic but it’s black silk in a really basic shape that lends itself to so many outfits. I felt comfortable and professional and on this particular day I got into and out of the Central Chicago DMV location in 45 minutes so I’d say this was a lucky charm, if anything.

Grade: A+. Comfortable, professional, and I felt like myself.

Day 10


Are you guys getting sick of that black Comme des Garcons cardi yet? It’s been SO cold here this spring that I feel like I wear it every day!

This skirt could not be more basic– it’s made from an old pattern my mom gave me as my second project when I began sewing again (she started me with an apron and when I showed I could do that, I was permitted to make an elastic waist skirt, hah!).  I made three of these when I first started- every time I had a sewing flop and got frustrated I would practice with another basic skirt as a confidence builder. This is in a pretty lawn- it’s not Liberty but it’s pretty close. I don’t wear these elastic waist skirts that much anymore because they can easily look pretty frumpy on me, but if I style them in such a way that you can tell I have a waist, it’s a slam dunk in comfy, pretty summer dressing. I think I accomplished that here.

Grade: Another A+. Comfortable, professional, and I felt like myself.

Day 11


This is my recently blogged pink wool twill vintage dress. This is definitely a winter dress, but I’m pulling out the wool while it’s still cold enough for it. This dress is a little too big for me, as I say in the original blog post, but I got several in-person compliments and this one in particular was almost weirdly popular on Instagram. I like this with the brown belt, but I have officially decided to make the matching self-fabric belt that goes with the pattern– I was originally unsure if I was going to, but  looking at these outfit photos I think it would lend it a more vintagey, appropriate and necessary bit of waist definition.

Grade: A-.  I like this a lot, but I think I need to make the self-fabric belt. Also I was really cold this day- I should have packed a sweater or something.

Day 12


This shirtdress was my absolute hands-down favorite make of last year. This is the first time I’ve worn this this spring, and I love it just as hard as always. Everything about this project just came together perfectly. I got the fabric/pattern marriage right, the print is perfectly abstract and colorful without being busy, the sizing worked out, and all the tiny details (button band, collar stand, raglan sleeves, belt loops) came together nicely. Loved this outfit love this dress.

Grade: A+. I had a lot of A+’s this week!

Day 13


A new make! I finished this teeshirt (and a matching dress- keep your eyes peeled for the blog post!) this week and wore it on Casual Friday. A striped tee is classic and was on my SS16 Sewing Plans. It’s a Sewaholic Renfrew and the fabric is delish- Ralph Lauren viscose jersey from Mood. I hate hate hate sewing with flimsy jerseys, but this was beefy and so beautiful that it was worth it. I felt appropriately French New Wavey in this, which, let’s be real, is what I’m usually going for.

Grade: A+. It’s hard to fuck up jeans and a tee and this came out exactly how I wanted.

Day 14


These are different mom jeans than the ones I wore on Day 8 because I have a problem lol. I went fabric shopping and to lunch with my friend and I ran out of the house without showering because I was running late, so I’m impressed I looked so presentable. (With the exception of my hair which is laughably insane in this photo. Growing out pixie cuts is a nightmare. A nightmare!)

The top is another Renfrew. V-neck this time. Basic cotton-lycra from Girl Charlee. You can’t go wrong with a white tee. I kind of feel like I should be pulled up on-stage at a Bruce Springsteen concert in this outfit.

Grade: A+, why not. I was kind of on a roll this week.

Day 15


Hey, that’s today! Today is a Sunday but there was a recruitment event for my job that I volunteered to work, so I rolled my (hungover) ass out of bed and managed to get myself together and to a conference center in the Loop to talk to people about sex trafficking in Chicago by 12:15 so basically I consider myself a goddamn hero lol. I’m repeating my McCall’s 3830 here, which bums me out a little because I really wanted to see if I could go the whole month without a repeat, but this is my most conservative skirt, and I think it was ultimately better to be dressed appropriately for the event than to have risked looking out of place for the sake of Me Made May!

Grade: A. I was appropriate and comfortable, but I never feel totally myself when I’m this buttoned-up. Minor quibble though.


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