#memademay week three

You know the drill by now. Let’s hit it kids.


Day 16

I keep meaning to review this tunic! I kind of winged the pattern. Full disclosure: this felt too short for work. When I’m not trying to look like a moody Fiona Apple lookalike, I’m trying to look like one of those basics who wants to be a French chick, so this was kind of a slam dunk for me. Plus the fabric is AMAZE.(Instagram liked this photo a lot too, for whatever that’s worth.)

Grade: A. It does not get an A+ because it was a tiny bit too short/slutty for work.


Day 17

This is my merino mashup jersey dress! I reviewed it here. This went over big on Instagram. I’m finding the response to my outfits on social media to be really interesting- I might do a whole separate post just on them? Anyway, this is a clutch work look but not something I would ever wear on the weekend. It’s too hot for this now, so this was the last time I’m gonna wear this until probably November. RIP jersey dress!

Grade: A. It would get a perfect A+ if I could wear it on weekends too, but alas.


Day 18

This shirt is in constant rotation, is an amazing color, and is the perfect breathable silk-linen blend.  I can wear it to work or on weekends. It’s a vintage pattern. Also these pants are my favorite (they’re RTW but who gives a rat’s). I feel really comfortable in pants but don’t wear them to work a lot because it’s hard for me to find work pants that fit me and don’t feel overly formal. Too bad these don’t come in a natural fiber and a neutral color or I would buy one thousand pairs.

Grade: A+! I wear this shirt on weekends a lot and I felt comfortable all day. Also I got a lot of compliments. Plus this is a lot of color for me!


Day 19

This skirt was one of the first things I ever made. It was the first zipper I ever inserted– the thing is a damn mess but somehow functional, four years later. The linen is a gorgeous mustard heavyweight linen, the shape is classic, and the waistband fits me pretty well no matter how much my weight fluctuates. Holy grail or what? I wore this for a hectic day of work and picking my parents up at the airport and it held up admirably.

Grade: A+! Breaking my own rules with this one… I don’t wear this on weekends, but I have successfully worn it to work, parties, more formal events, barbecues, etc. and I always feel comfortable. If that isn’t deserving of an A+, what is?


Day 19, 20, 21

Okay, so this is only one photo, but it’s representative of my whole weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of this week saw me running around the city with my parents! They were visiting Chicago for the first time ever and we spent the whole time running around and talking 24/7. I just wore handmade tees (this white one, pictured, a gray one and a stripey one) and jeans the whole time and forgot to take any outfit pictures except this one.

Grade: A+. I wear teeshirts a lot to work and on weekends and they’re functional and they go with everything even though they are boring as hell.


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