#memademay week 4

Day 23


UGH THIS DRESS. Guys this dress is a huge struggle for me. I want to love it so hard. I love the fabric. I love the pattern (a vintage 90’s romper/shirtdress combo joint). But they were the worst combo. Rookie mistake! This fabric is a really unique textured cotton but it is THICK. Too thick for all these gathers and the floaty shape! I want to remake this someday in a lawn or a challis- I think it would give it a totally different feel! I don’t hate this dress, but I don’t wear it a lot. I save it for the Monday after a long weekend when I’ve kind of overdone it and want to give my waistline some time to bounce back after too much beer and pizza or whatnot. This fabric would have been great as a pleated skirt with some nice structure. Oh well. You live and learn.

Grade: C. Could be an A if remade to be…..totally different.

Day 24


Womp womp. This skirt is identical to the lawn elastic waist skirt I wore on Day 10, but the difference is I paired that one with a tight sweater that gave me a waist. I was still feeling a little zaftig after my parents’ visitation and didn’t put a ton of work into this look– you could say  I wasn’t feelin’ myself this day, and it kind of shows.

Grade: C. Could have been an A if I’d put in every a little effort but I didn’t. Not the skirt’s fault. It deserves better!

Day 25


I love this abstract print tank top so, so hard but it comes across kind of mumsy with these trousers.

Grade: C. I DID NOT DO WELL THIS WEEK. I’m not sure what was wrong with me, but I was due for an upswing. These slacks are some of my favorite- I feel very Grown Ass Lady in them and I like that they are linen, which is great in the summer, but with my awkwardly growing out hair (which looks kind of like a mom cut here let’s get real) the general aesthetic is a little too high-school art teacher.

Day 26


Okay, we’re starting to get back to it! This is a THIRD variation of that simple elastic-waist skirt pattern. This is actually the first thing I made when I started sewing. It’s a cotton-poly linen blend from Joann, of all places! It just goes to show my fabric taste was always good, even when my skills weren’t! The proportions of this outfit are much better than earlier in the week. I felt cut and professional and suitably summery. (It was HOT this day!)

Grade: B+! So much better than earlier in the week. Still not one of my absolute favorite looks, but I felt cute and flattering and appropriate.

Day 27


I love this leotard but it felt a little Flashdance for the office (I know I talk about work appropriateness a lot so maybe it would be good to clarify- I work a legal non profit that handles some really delicate cases, and I happen to be the person who sits at the front desk. My bosses are the nicest people of all time and would never say anything about an outfit other than to compliment it, but I personally always want to make sure that people who walk in feel comfortable around me and like they are walking into a professional space that can help them. Does that make sense?) Even still, I love this leotard and I always love casual Friday.

Grade: A- because I can’t figure out how okay a low back is.

Day 28


This was a much better use of that abstract print silk tank! This thing is actually long enough to be a dress but I’ve never worn it that way. I think I might need to make more of these in pretty prints and flowy fabrics for summer. I wore this to go shopping with my friend and I was feeling sassy so I paired it with my middle finger necklace by Native Clutter.

Grade: A+. Perfect for weekends and realizing how versatile that top is!

Day 29

IMG_5196 (1)

I was in such a good mood this day! The weather was beautiful and I went for a run and messed around  in my community garden. Just a casual jeans and a tee for hanging out and drinking on patios.

Grade: A+. I mean can you really fuck up shorts and a stripey tee?

Day 30


Ugh. I was having a tough day this day for a lot of reasons. (Drama, poor sleep, etc.) I tried to force myself out of it my going outside (weeded my whole garden plot), teaching myself a new thing (changing the tires on my bike), and then changing into comfies to sew in front of Hulu (currently watching Penny Dreadful and I am SO OBSESSED WITH IT OHMYGOD). Did the trick but did not look glamorous. You know what? I’m okay with that. Sometimes leggings are just leggings, you know?  (These are the Espresso leggings by Cake Patterns).

Grade: N/A.

Day 31


Hey that’s today! This skirt is boring to everyone by this point but I wear it at least once a week, so I’m pleased with its representation this #memademay. This top is a Plantain– I made three at once, assembly-line style, two years ago, and this is the only one that’s survived. I like it! A fitting end to Me Made May. A workhorse polished work item topped with a casual but well-made an interesting item to bring it down a little so I don’t feel too stuffy. Weather appropriate. Colors I like. Well-fitting.

Grade: A+ Going out with a bang!



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