Fabric Haul!

Sooooo I was on a really strict fabric and stash diet this year. I feel like I’m always chasing zero…the perfect minimalism of a small stash, a few well-loved patterns, a collection that can fit into a shoe box. I had a whole plan for how to use everything this year, but then I went on vacation!

Sean and I just got back from a glorious long weekend in Denver. I swear I did NOT book our airbnb less than a mile away from Fancy Tiger on purpose… But with it so close, how could I not take a peek?

You don’t need me to tell you that Fancy Tiger is gorgeous and amazing with a crazy selection, do you?! Sean was game and poked around with me for a little bit before heading to a brewery, but he did ask me if I would buy him a needle-felted turnip kit, so we’ll see if he has a new hobby!

Here’s all the stuff I bought…I did some damage fast, but I figure as long as I have a plan for it all, it’s okay, right?

1) Shibori Bamboo Jersey


i scoped this stuff out on the website before I even hit the store! No lie, we shopped before we even hit the Airbnb, so I was manhandling bolts and dragging my suitcase around with a crazed look in my eye. There were a bunch of tie dye jerseys around that were all so beautiful, but this traditional Shibori style got to me right away.

I think I might make a simple knit dress…maybe a teeshirt style? In keeping with my goals from MMM16, I think I need something I can dress up for work but also wear to festivals and on weekends and stuff. I got the end of the bolt… 1.5 yards, but it’s really wide so I think I can squeeze it out.

2) Liberty Speckled Clouds


This is my jammmmm. If I love anything it’s a nice abstract print on a dark black or blue background. It’s like Liberty made this for me. For me! I got two yards and I might make a day dress, like this Tea Dress that’s been made up all over Instagram lately. Two yards but Liberty is wide.

3) Liberty Rachel


This is the opposite of my jam… I don’t go for light colors usually, and I almost never go for a small, defined floral. But something about it drew me, and Sean told me it was his favorite of all the ones I’d picked. That boy has good taste in fabric, and it’s always good to try something different, right?

This is the perfect summery fabric, and I think I want to eke a shirtdress out of it. I have 2.13 yards (end of the bolt again!), which might not be quite enough for my go-to shirtdress pattern, but I think with some clever cutting and pattern layout I can make it work.

So there we go! I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew!


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