Shibori Plantain Dress

imageAs soon as I picked up this Shibori bamboo jersey at Fancy Tiger Crafts in July, I knew I was gonna make a teeshirt dress. Originally I went in there wanting a piece of fancy jersey to make a wrap dress for work, but then I saw this and had my heart set. I think a tie-dye wrap dress has the potential to either be super cool or not-quite-right, and with a piece of fabric that I love so much, I didn’t want to risk a mismatch of pattern to fabric and end up with something that I wasn’t going to wear.


I thought about making a skater dress with a low back and short sleeves, a sort of Nettie-Ballet Dress like last time, but again, I feel like the fabric itself almost demands a very specific type of garment, so in the end I went with the grown up big sister of the classic tie-dye teeshirt, the teeshirt DRESS.


I returned to the lengthened and flared Plantain pattern that I’ve already used this year to make my Breton tunic. I cut on the short sleeves and put this together over the course of the weekend. This stuff washed and handled like a damn dream, and I wore it to work on Monday and got three compliments!






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