Autumn 2016 Inspiration

It’s fall, y’all! I hereby join the legions of basic bitches everywhere by proclaiming my dirty secret…I love fall.  Like pug dogs and snowmen, I am not a creature that was built for the heat of summer. Give me a boot and a crisp morning and a ripe apple and a whiff of heatdeath in the smell of rotting leaves, and I am one happy camper (though I swear a drop of pumpkin spice latte has never passed my lips).

With a change in the seasons comes a universal kerfuffle as sewists, overplanners, and fashionistas everywhere get out their Moleskines to begin obsessively planning their autumn/winter wardrobe. Since I’m currently entering a season of less (follow me on instagram to keep up with my musings on minimalism and using what I already have), and since I have plenty of planned makes from last winter that I never got around to, I’m focusing less on physical garments and more on my mood (or mewd, if we’re being sassy) and inspiration for my styling.

After wrestling with it for a while, I finally figured out my main fashion inspiration– I’ve always hovered a little between modern tomboy and vintagey quirk, and could never figure out the perfect meeting between the two, until a friend told me my haircut was “very French New Wave.” Yes, I admit it…my main fashion inspiration for the colder months is a Jean-Luc Godard heroine. Cliche, maybe, but it’s everything I like, especially for the colder months. Clean lines, not overly fussy or ladylike, but still definitely female, interesting subtle prints combined with a good crew neck sweater, and Chantal Goya’s Ultimate Bangs of Dreams (patent pending). 60’s France also really knew its way around quality knitwear, boots, and menswear-inspired overcoats.

Peep a small collection from my massive pinterest board of Godard heroines below.

(PS- For what it’s worth, I don’t condone smoking. These movies just have a lot of cigarettes in them. I’m sorry!)



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